Using virtual receptionists has become a useful tool for an increasing number of companies. Experienced virtual telephone agents help to build success for a wide range of organizations, helping them to save money and time. Whether your business is a solo venture, limited partnership, small start up, corporate headquarters, or non-profit institution, live operators provide reliable phone care management for every kind of office.

Many companies often find themselves overrun with core business concerns. When you’re out of the office or call overflow interrupts client appointments or patient care quality, virtual receptionists offer phone stress relief. If your office is closed for a long weekend or holiday, virtual receptionists give the impression of extended business hours or a more established business. You can even begin an overnight promotion, utilizing an exclusive toll free number assigned by your account representative to answer high volume ad response calls. In any instance, live operators and their managing supervisors work tirelessly to bring support solutions 24 hours a day, with the aid of advanced equipment.

Thoroughly trained and screened virtual receptionists are communications specialists. They speak clearly, without regional accent as they manage routine and urgent call matters. Bilingual live operators can bridge language barriers to address and broaden your client base, including international customers. They are skilled in handling any type of caller disposition or situation.

If your business has any communications need, our 45 years of industry leadership can support it. Remote phone specialists can take reservations, set and confirm appointments, perform client or patient intake, generate leads and assessments, coordinate third party schedules for conference calls and meetings, offer directory services, assist with prescription dispatch, and transfer emergency calls. A sales and customer service team is available to provide product promotion, address all inquiries, document complaints, take and track orders, and process payments directly onto your website.

Conscientious live operators answer calls promptly and rarely put clients on hold. Your phone calls are directed to a dedicated team of virtual receptionists. They answer calls from  your customers, patients, colleagues, or clients with your customary greeting and reply to their needs based on the information on their computer monitor.

Various industries including hospitality and tourism, healthcare, legal, contracting, insurance, education, entertainment, retail and wholesale utilize virtual receptionists. Beyond message taking, storage, and forwarding, live operators capture and provide requested information from callers. Smart business leaders recognize that image-branding often starts with a telephone inquiry. Customizable account protocols give virtual receptionists the tools to respond to your callers, just as you would in-house.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Virtual receptionists are constantly monitored by active supervisors to ensure appropriate call handling. Hiring virtual receptionists can help your business to stay within budget. Outsourcing for professional call answering costs less than making new hires or paying for overtime and additional utilities. People who outsource to a telephone answering service want to conduct business with a facility that welcomes their business and can accommodate unique needs. Informed virtual receptionists at 1-800 We Answer deliver effective call answering at all times.